3 Ways to Travel the World Without Paying for Accommodation

Traveling is a wonderful way to see the world, jumping from country to country as you experience other cultures, sample different ethnic cuisines and really just get to know yourself as well as the world around you. But, the accommodations portion of traveling can be expensive and if you choose to travel for a longer period of time than just a short one or two-week vacation, it can be even more expensive. So how do you cut down the expense of having a place to lay your head at night while still traveling the world?

There are a number of options available depending on what you are willing to do in exchange for free housing and where you are going. Below you’ll find the three biggest ways to travel the world without paying for accommodation.

Much of the following techniques can be accomplished by doing a search on craigslist.org the most popular classified sites in the world. Search using any of the keywords listed below; couchsurfing, house sitting or work exchange. Many folks have had success using these methods.


There are several Couchsurfing networks all over the world that have organized together with a way for people who are traveling to connect with people who are willing to let others stay on their couches or in their spare bedrooms for absolutely free. You might wonder why people are willing to do it for free and the simple answer is that it isn’t just about giving you a place to lay your head at night; it is about meeting new people and exploring new adventurous opportunities that you can bring to them as a couchsurfer. The biggest networks found online for finding free Couchsurfing accommodations are the CouchSurfing network, Servas and Global Freeloaders.

House Sitting

For those who are willing to take care of someone’s home while they are traveling, house sitting just might be the way to travel and still keep expenses low. There usually is a bit of a process to being approved for a house sitting opportunity so it isn’t an option that can be chosen in the spur of the moment, but for those who are willing to plan ahead, house sitting offers free traveling accommodations that can take you all over the world. There are a number of house sitting networks such as House Carers, Mind My House and Trusted Housesitters.

Work/Accommodation Exchange

For some people traveling isn’t just about seeing the sights, but about finding out about new cultures, staying with interesting people and living a life completely different than their own. If you are one of those people, a work/accommodation exchange just might be exactly what you are looking for. In a work/accommodation exchange program you can travel the world and work at interesting places like organic farms, sea fairing boat/cruises, bed & breakfasts, hunting lodges and more.

Once you arrive in your new city its best to have someone to accompany you and show you around town. A professional escort is perfect in these scenarios. They will meet with you where you are staying, recommend places and sites to see, and accompany you to those places. If you end up in New York and heading to NYC then check out NYC escorts to have a professional companion to accompany you while you’re there.

Tips to Choose a Travel Agency

Summer holidays should be enjoyable even when you are still in the preparation period. There are choices on how to arrange the wonderful vacation for you and your family. Some of you actually do not want to have troubled about reservations and transaction so you can employ a travel agency to do the planning.

A travel agent helps his customers to make his travel preparations, guiding him about the place and needs that can arise to him. Here, are some simple steps to hire a trustworthy and reliable travel agency to get proper services and to avoid any problematic situation.

Reputable agencies;

Agencies of a significant status also do matter while arranging for vacations. More an organization is admired the better services it can present you. As well, it will also provide you some of the best amenities that you have once anticipated. You can seek their previous customers for their opinion about their facilities. A reputable agency will always be clear about their cost and services.

Make sure they are certified;

Before selecting any travel agency, be sure they are well certified and licensed. Understand, but, that even with the right certifications, you are not assured the best price or the most well-mannered service. You are only guaranteed the agency is properly certified to service your travel requirements.

Compare prices;

Search online and compare the prices travel agencies offer. They will have different prices. Cautiously checking the advantages of each agency can settle which will be a more lucrative choice. Never stay for the deals they publicize. There might be veiled charges so be sure to tell yourself well on the packages they present. Speak to the customer representative for explanations on particular deals. It is not sufficient to rely on your own explore, particularly when you are traveling for the first time.

Network system

The best aspect of the best agency is their network system. Their right co-ordination with all the related people is the main part of them. For instance, due to unpleasant weather conditions the flight is delayed, they’ll not just notify you but the transport agents and hotels as well about your late onset.

Traveling abroad

In case you need to travel overseas, make sure that the agent knows vital rules regarding international travel and can give you precise information about visas and passports.

Contract cautiously

Read the agreement made with the travel agency carefully and in case you are doubtful about the travel dates, you may need to move toward an agency that allows travel plan transforms at any time without charging excessively.

Keeping these factors in mind, you can go through a good travel agency from the rest ones simply.